아이콘 International Unification Academy

We provide customized unification educational programs for international students and overseas Koreans.
By doing so, we are expanding the positive awareness and support of the young foreigners in the international society on the future and vision of the Korean Peninsula after unification.

Annual Timeline and Process

  • 아이콘

    Identification of demands of
    higher educational institutions in Korea

  • 아이콘

    Annual planning for education


  • 아이콘

    Education programs


Eligibility International students in Korea and abroad, Overseas Koreans
Time / Place 1-3 days / National Institute for Unification Education and Educational Sites
Program Description Customized training, including lectures, hands-on training, field trips, etc.
Support Cost of operation, e.g., field trips, etc.
Inquiries Department of Training : 02-901-7036


  • 주한유학생 외국대학생 교육 활동사진
  • 주한유학생 외국대학생 교육 활동사진
  • 주한유학생 외국대학생 교육 활동사진
  • 주한유학생 외국대학생 교육 활동사진