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아이콘 International Visiting Scholars Program

We invite 3-5 globally renowned experts every year to listen to the perspectives and opinion of international scholars on the Korean Peninsula issues and expand the global horizon of Unification Education.

Annual Timeline and Process

  • 아이콘

    Establish annual operation plan
    and application of candidates

  • 아이콘

    Final evaluation
    of invitational lecturers

  • 아이콘

    Invitation of 3-5
    invitational lecturers every year

Eligibility International experts with at least 15 years of experience on the Korean Peninsula issues
Time / Place 1-2 weeks per invitational lecturer / colleges and research institutions nationwide
Activities Special lecturers at colleges/research institutions in Korea, expert talks, etc.
Support light fares for round trip, expenses during the trip, lecture fees
Inquiries Department of Training : 02-901-7036

See List of Visiting Scholars for '13~'19


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