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Privacy Policy

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Pages on the webserver and their sub-domains conform to the following privacy policy: When you visit this website, we make a record of your visit and log the following information for statistical purposes: the user's server address; the date and time of visit to the site, etc.

These logs are used internally to better develop the site and allow us to report on site activity. However, users or their browsing activities may be identified if necessary according to the regulations of the law.

If you use forms on the site and record your personal information to express your opinion, the information you provide may be shared with others who need it, based on the related laws. It may be used as data for enforcement and policy development of related laws. Such information may also be shared with other Ministries if necessary.
For the security and maintenance of the website, the Ministry is monitoring the network traffic and operates a program to inspect attempts to illegally distort any information on our website. If you move onto another website by following links on our website and their sub-domains, the privacy policy of the visiting organization is applied thereof.
Collection of personal data such as e-mail address from this website is prohibited. Illegal collection of personal information will be punished according to the Information-Communication Network law. Please contact the following for any inquiries:
Phone number: +82-2-901-7114