• President
    • Education Planning Department
      • General Education Division
      • Education and Training Division
      • Management and Administration Division
    • Education Cooperation Department
      • Social Unification Education Division
      • School Unification Education Division
      • Research and Development Division
Organization Duties
Division Roles and Responsibilities
General Education Division
  • Oversees unification education policy&planning, laws; organizes “Unification Education Week”; and runs programs for overseas participants
Education and Training Division
  • Plans and operates in-house curriculum; supports faculty affairs
Management and Administration Division
  • Oversees organization, personnel, budget, facilities; administers Performance-Based Organization(PBO); manages and ODUSAN Unification Tower
Social Unification Education Division
  • Manages Regional Unification Education Center, Unification Education Committee members; facilitates cooperation with local governments and non-government organizations
School Unification Education Division
  • Supports and manages unification education at schools and universities
Research and Development Division
  • Oversees research and development of unification education books and materials