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[Topic lecture] Is North Korea really changing?

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The lecture discusses changes in the lives of the North Korean people in comparison to unchanging nature of the North Korean regime, and forcasts the possibility of change in the nation.




CHAPTER 1: Approaching the subject of change in North Korea
1. Definition of change
2. Perspectives of change


CHAPTER 2: Changing North Korea
1. Marketization of the economy
2. Influx of external culture
3. Change in the people's value system


CHAPTER 3: Unchanging North Korea
1. One-person dictatorship and hereditary power succession
2. Market control and currency reform
3. State control over the people and human rights violations
4. North Korea’'s policy towards South Korea
5. Development of weapons of mass destruction and brinkmanship tactics


CHAPTER 4: Prospects for change
1. Drivers of change
2. Inhibitors of change
3. Assessment and prospects of the future

공공누리의 제 4유형 안내
[Topic lecture] Is North Korea really changing? 저작물은 "공공누리" 제4유형:출처 표시+상업적 이용 금지+변경 금지 조건에 따라 이용할 수 있습니다.
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