Press Briefings

Regular Briefing by Spokesperson Lee Jong Joo



Date: Monday, April 4, 2022
Time: 10:30-10:35 A.M.


1. Weekly schedule


The Korea Institute for National Unification will be holding an academic seminar commemorating its 31st anniversary on April 7. The seminar will discuss conflicts in neighboring countries and look into the new government’s policy toward North Korea. Unification Minister Lee In-young will deliver congratulatory video remarks at the opening ceremony.


On April 8, the South and North Korean Historians’ Council will host an academic conference on the digital restoration of Manwoldae Palace in Gaeseong. The conference, sponsored by the Unification Ministry and the Cultural Heritage Administration, will present the results of the past year’s digital restoration efforts and develop future plans. Minister Lee will deliver congratulatory video remarks.


2. Q&A


Q. The North’s vice department director Kim Yo Jong and party secretary Pak Jong Chon issued press statements yesterday taking issue with South Korean Defense Minister Suh Wook’s recent remarks and warning that the South may face a serious threat. Does the Unification Ministry have a position regarding the press statements, and what does it see was the North’s intentions?


A. The Ministry of Defense has already released a statement in response to yesterday’s two press statements by the North. The Unification Ministry clearly notes that the North should not cause additional tension on the Korean Peninsula through any means, and strongly urges it to pursue the path of dialogue and cooperation, not tension and confrontation.


The Ministry will continue its efforts to improve inter-Korean relations and ensure peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula, while preparing for all possibilities by closely monitoring related developments without making assumptions on what the North’ intentions may have been.


Q. In relation to recent developments, are any unusual trends being observed in the North? Did this morning’s call through the South-North Joint Liaison Office go as usual?


A. Since the restoration of inter-Korean communications channels last October, the South and the North are making daily routine calls twice a day, at 9 A.M. and 5 P.M. Today’s 9 A.M. call went through as usual.


Q. Recently, the North is clearly demonstrating hostility toward South Korea. In what direction is the Government devising measures in response to such behavior?


A. The Government has strived to ease tensions, improve inter-Korean relations and establish peace in the region, while maintaining a firm readiness posture under the position that tension should not be created on the Korean Peninsula under any circumstance.


The Ministry will continue its efforts to lead North Korea to a path of dialogue and cooperation in close coordination with the international community, while also preparing for possible further deterioration.


Q. Following Kim Yo Jong and Pak Jong Chon’s statements, North Korea continues to slander the South through propaganda outlets. What is the North’s intentions and what will be its future moves?


A. The North has recently increased the frequency and level of criticism against the South on a number of issues through propaganda media. As mentioned earlier, the Government will prepare for all possibilities by closely and carefully monitoring related developments without making assumptions on what the North’s intentions or following moves may be.

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