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Regular Briefing by Spokesperson Cho Joonghoon



Date: Monday, May 23, 2022
Time: 10:30-10:35 A.M.


1. Regarding the Ministry’s proposal for cooperation in quarantine efforts


On May 16, the Government made an attempt to deliver a proposal in document to hold working-level contacts for cooperation in public health and quarantine efforts through the South-North Joint Liaison Office, and the North has yet to announce its intention to accept the document.


Considering that there has been no explicit response from the North for a week, the Ministry of Unification inquired about the North’s intention to receive the document in the call through the South-North Joint Liaison Office at 9A.M. this morning. However, the North ended the call without providing any specific answer.


Though we are yet to hear from the North, the Government will consider various measures such as support through international organization, given the importance of inter-Korean cooperation in addressing Covid-19.


Likewise, the leaders of the Republic of Korea and the United States expressed their intention during the ROK-US summit to provide the necessary support including sending vaccines to North Korea to overcome the pandemic.


But first of all, we hope the North respond to our offer of inter-Korean cooperation.


From this standpoint, the Government plans to wait for the North's response over time monitoring their Covid-19 situation.


2. Unification Education Week to run from May 23 to May 29


The Ministry of Unification will hold the 10th Unification Education Week from May 23 to 29.


Today, Minister Kwon Young-se will attend the commemorative ceremony at the National Institute for Unification Education and deliver congratulatory remarks. An international academic conference with the theme of unification will also be held at the venue at 2P.M., and we look forward to the interest and participation of many at the event.


3. Other schedule


On Wednesday May 25, a seminar to discuss Covid-19 humanitarian assistance to North Korea will be held at the National Assembly Hall, co-hosted by lawmaker Thae Yong-ho and Kim Min-seok. In this seminar where measures for Covid-19 quarantine efforts will be addressed, Minister Kwon will deliver congratulatory remarks.


4. Q&A


Q. Do you have plans to ask the North again for their intention to accept the proposal in the near future?


A. The reason the Government sought the North’s stance once again today is that it has been over a week since the proposal was made on May 16. Though today’s call ended without an answer, we assume that the North is surely aware of our position at this point. Thus, rather than designating a specific deadline, we plan to continue to wait for North Korea’s response with an open stance.

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